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Negative Feedback Reports - Schedule Reports

An item I miss from the old platform is the ability to schedule reports showing all Negative Service and Negative Product feedback, from a specific time frame.  It was useful to us to be able to send this weekly to relevant people within the business.  This saved them having to logon and check if they were particularly busy.  It also ensured all colleagues were reviewing the same feedback when they got together to discuss.  

Whilst there is currently an option to schedule reports showing all feedback, when we are busy, this is just too much information for us to whittle down, as lot of the time we just need to focus on areas for improvement.

  • Emily Kirkland
  • Nov 22 2016
  • Shipped
  • Jun 5, 2017

    Admin Response

    We have released a new report called the data extract report found in the reporting section under custom.

    This will allow you to download feedback based only on negative responses using the star rating filter.   If you select the star rating as 1 or 2 this will download only negative feedback.

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  • Kirsten Mclean commented
    6 Dec, 2016 02:16pm

    HI Emily,

    Thank you for raising this. We will look into adding this report back into our report scheduler. 

    I will update this ticket when we have more information.

    Kind Regards