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Revert back to previous Feedback expiry options

The Feedback expiry is now set to a minimum of 6 months - please can you revert back to the previous options where the user could set the expiry a number of weeks after sending if necessary

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  • Apr 21 2017
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  • Danielle Ash commented
    23 Aug 10:09

    We have campaigns where we're looking for feedback on a specific part of the service and customer journey. As we help people move home this can be a very lengthy process and so we'd like to have the separate campaigns 'expire' after a number of weeks as that part of the process is over now and they will have moved on to a different part of the property search/buying/conveyancing process. So when they come to give feedback months later it isn't relevant to the campaign they're responding to. How can we find out if this is being reviewed/discussed?