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Customer should be taken to relevant product reviews when clicking through from product on website

It is not helpful for us, or our customers, that when a customer is viewing a particular product on our website and clicks through to Feefo from the embedded link on that product page, they are taken to our generic Feefo page, showing all feedback, rather than just feedback that relates to the product they were viewing. It is also not clear to the customer that they have are viewing all feedback, rather than just feedback relating to the product they are interested in. As it is always ordered with 'most recent' feedback first, the issue is exacerbated if your most recent feedback is negative - this is what all customers will see, regardless of whether the product they have been viewing has consistently received excellent feedback.

This is a major issue for us at the moment and we are having to consider reducing the prominence of the link to Feefo on our website due to this having a detrimental effect, as such we are questioning whether Feefo is a relevant platform for us to continue with, as it is not allowing us to capitalise on all our good feedback

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  • Jun 8 2017
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