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Offer ability to choose sale date or feedback date in reports.

Hi, we have been using the reports part of the site and couldn't work out why a couple of negative feedbacks weren't showing in some tabs on your site when we were always specifiying the same timeframe. It turns out that some sections appear to be based on sale date and others on feedback date. Would it be possible to have a dropdown menu added alongside 'Timeframe', 'Feedback Type', etc., to choose whether we want the data based on the sale date or the feedback date?


On any tabs where the option isn't offered for the data shown it would be great if there was something to clarify whether the data is for the sale date or feedback date for the timeframe chosen.

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  • May 4 2016
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  • HELEN STEAD commented
    May 17, 2016 09:45

    Hi All


    I agree. the reporting tab is pretty much useless to us. We need to report on feedback received dates not the dates our customers completed. If there was the option to generate reports on the feedback received dates this would solve this issue for us.