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Encourage customers to write longer reviews

I have had a recent phone call with Google who told me that my seller rating stars aren't showing because not enough (minimum of 150 in the last 12 mts) are of a high quality. Well this doesn't explain a lot and I checked my reviews and one thing I can see is that our customers are extremely brief and we have many reviews that are very short. 

I understand you don't want to discourage customers from leaving reviews, but if Google potentially ignores short reviews then what good are they for me from a marketing perspective. 

My idea is to add a dynamic character count to the side of the comment box which simply changes colour. Something like

Something like:

< 25 characters = red

< 50 characters = yellow

>100 characters = green

And maybe even a little tool tip that explains to the customer that they should include more detail about their feedback which is more helpful to the business to know what was good and bad etc.


This might just help to get customers to write a little more than just "excellent service"

  • Guest
  • Jul 13 2017
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  • Guest commented
    11 Apr, 2019 09:53am

    I have had a number of merchants speak to me about this and i think it would be a fantastic addition to the Hub as the more content of the review the more relevant to Google 'quality reivews'.  Thanks

  • Khalid Elaghil commented
    11 Apr, 2019 09:39am

    I totally Agree with this idea. The current problem we are facing is that our customers only right one-word reviews like “Good”, “Nice”, “Happy” when they fill our service reviews. Such reviews are really not good to be presented to future potential customers who consider booking with us. Having a minimum character or words that customers need to write before they can go ahead and finish their review. is a great idea. In fact, Trip Advisor is having 100 characters minimum requirement and many other review platforms.  

  • Admin
    Tanja Ehrhardt commented
    26 Sep, 2018 07:55am

    We are looking at ways we can get longer and more quality reviews. One of this is to be more clear about the length needed for reviews by something similar like the indicators that are described in this idea. We're also looking to see if we can suggest topics that customers usually talking about when reviewing a particular company / product by tapping into our Smart Themes / Performance profiling capability. 

    I'll post again when more progress has been made on this, and we know when this goes into development. For now, it is in the plans, but no firm date yet. 

  • Paul Ainsworth-Lord commented
    26 Sep, 2018 04:09am

    This is a great suggestion. Hopefully it will be implemented. I had no idea about this until now.

  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    13 Jul, 2017 07:23pm


    Many thanks for your feedback and suggestion to improve the capture form.  We are always working on improvements to our feedback capture and we regularly trial different improvements to our feedback capturing form.  We will look into this further and would welcome any other ideas you might have to collect richer more detailed reviews.  

    Best regards, Neil