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Feedback with one response from merchant

I have a merchant who replies to all his feedback regardless of the star rating – which is great and what we actively encourage.

 However, he wants to be able to easily see what feedbacks he has replied to, bearing in mind he will only reply in either  the service or the product section – not both.

 Consequently, in elected feedback, where you only have the ability to select star rating (regardless of service or product) to display on the dashboard – it will still pull through the feedbacks through to show here if only the one section has been replied to.

 Equally in the Feedback Section there does not seem to be an easy ability to filter all feedback that has not had a response (regardless of whether one of the sections has had a reply left)

He is  very frustrated that he cannot just search purely on feedback that has not had ANY response. 

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  • Sep 1 2017
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