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Add the ability for users to edit their Merchant Identifier

Edit function to enable users to edit their Merchant Identifier. 

  • Guest
  • Sep 28 2017
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  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    October 02, 2017 10:07


    Thanks for the feedback.  Please can you provide some background on why you would like to change your merchant identifier?

    Thanks, Neil

  • Guest commented
    October 02, 2017 10:40

    Because I needed to change it (our company name had been put in all lower case and looked terrible on the email subject line. I wasn't able to change it myself and had to contact one of the Feefo Team to do it for me! Just makes sense. You can change your API Key but no the identifier!

  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    October 02, 2017 11:07


    Thanks for  the update.  

    The merchant identifier is a friendly unique identifier for your account and shouldn't normally require changing.  It also doesn't really get presented anywhere visually to your merchants, aside from being used to load integrations onto the pages. 

    Email's can be customised in the Campaign email preferences section within the portal.   From email preferences you can adjust the subject, greeting, introduction and any other aspect of the email sent to your clients.

    Best regards, Neil