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If product has not been delivered to customer, do not accept Product Review submission

Sometimes it can't be helped but an order is not delivered to a customer because of a warehouse error, or most lilely a delivery company error, and the customer is not happy of course...

The angry customer then leaves a review saying their order has not arrived, but does not stop at leaving a negative Service Review but also a negative Product Review even though they have never received the said product(s).

I propose that Feefo starts using some logic that when a customer leaves a negative Service Review that they prompt the customer to state they have not received the product(s) and therefore are restricted from leaving Product reviews.

  • Customer clicks 1-2 star and leave Service Review
  • If the customer uses phrases such as Order did not arrive, No products, etc. customer is asked "Did you receive all products you ordered?"
  • Customer clicks NO, customer is not shown Product Review section.
  • Customer clicks YES, customer is shown Product Review section

There may have to an additional option for a partial order received and they select products which arrived.

  • Stuart Wooster
  • Jan 19 2018
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  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    January 24, 2018 15:23

    Hi Stuart,  

    Interesting idea.   We have a solution we have been working on, it allows the merchant to specify language to then direct to another page to provide further assistance.   Essentially the goal is to actively listen for problems and then try and defuse the situation by presenting them with some steps to resolve the problem.

    As this capability progresses closer, we will update you further.  Please be sure to mention it to your account manager so they can also be aware of your requirements.

    Best regards, Neil Terry (Product Manager)

  • Stuart Wooster commented
    January 30, 2018 13:58

    Thanks for the update Neil, great to hear you have something in the pipeline.

    In our review request email I have included a link to our Messages page if they have a query with their order to hopefully curtail such problems before they happen. Hopefully we'll see less dud product reviews by them reaching out before leaving a review.