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Customer selecting review to be public.

When a customer  has the option to be public or anonymous, if they decide on being public with their name they have the ability to edit their name.  The edit they use is ONLY visible on the public page and does not show through within the feedback in the User pages.  So for example when a merchant uploads their data, if the Name field is completed with Joe Bloggs – this is what will auto-display in the feedback request and the customer may opt to remove the surname – this would not show in the actual User pages only on the public facing page. 

It is actually a shame it works like this because the merchant tends to reply to the feedback using the name of the person they see, this would pull through onto the public page in their reply, and if the customer has decided to change that name to something more generic the merchant would not be aware, so there needs to be the ability to see from within the Feedback in the merchants user pages what name they chose to submit their feedback with.

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  • Jan 25 2018
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