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Click through rate's on widgets, light boxes etc within the feefo admin page

I've just add the google anayltics code in the feefo admin area.  I’ve found feefo.com referrals within analytics, but that only tells me how many came from my feefo page, not how many have been on it.  Is there any way of telling how many people clicked on the widgets, lightboxes etc and looked at the reviews on my website and my feefo page.  I would have thought feefo would have had some sort of built in tracking that we could see on our admin page, trust pilot do?  It’s not great I’ve got to trawl through analytics.  All I can find is referrals, but I don’t just want to know how many were referred, I want to know how many people are actually looking at my reviews..

  • Teresa Kirsch
  • Feb 20 2018
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