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Refresh the look of the customer facing site

We recently added the ability for customers to share their feedback with Google, where the customer is presented an option to click a blue button on the “Thank You for sharing your feedback” page.  Unfortunately, the instructions and the button appear below the fold, so the likelihood of the customer seeing this option is significantly impacted.  To assist in remedying this, we turned off the ability for the customer to provide images and videos, which gave back ~2” above the fold and the Google button is now visible to the customer.  Looking at the site, there is a lot of "white space" that could be better utilized so that we, as a customer of feefo, have to remove functionality in order to optimize how we are presented.

I would recommend the design team take a look at how the real estate on the page could be optimized so that the viewer is able to see more content and less banner/white space.  Anything to get more content above the fold so the viewer has to do less scrolling.  Scrolling leads to drop off, which leads to a less effective experience.  As a partner, the better you are able to position your content increases the benefit to Mariner Finance.  It’s a win for all involved, the customer gains a better experience, your partner gains more visibility and Feefo stays relevant and a partner that companies want to utilize.

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  • May 2 2018
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