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Overview of Feedback Summary

So our company is a travel and tour company and as such there are particular insights that we'd need implemented on the dashboard, or rather enable such a functionality. Ticket 111232


So we have two sets of clients Directs and Agents and as such there is need to see how these clients have rated our salespersons both pre and post. So say for example Salesperson John, Mary and Peter have assisted clients both post and pre. As management, we ask, how can we track John's average monthly rating after a year. Such insight helps on internal performance review. So in this case, the platform should have a functionality that enables to track performance on salespersons. The end result should not be too technical because at the end o the day, when doing a presentation, only a trend matters, like an overview.

Can we not have something simple like attached?

  • Tapiwa Mufunde
  • Jun 19 2018
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  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    19 Jun, 2018 04:18pm

    Hi Tapiwa,

    Thanks for your feedback .    I was talking to your account manager (Dee) about this earlier.

    The best way to solve this currently would be to download the feedback data in CSV form and use Excel or a BI tool to present in the format you require.  However we will be sure to factor this into any future reporting improvements.

    Our technical team could probably give you a few pointers if you need some support in getting started.

    Best regards, Neil