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Merchant idea - Mower Magic Ltd - Feedback Notifications

Basically issue is, when I get the email to say there is feedback, the content of the email is so spread out that I have scroll down the screen to actually read the feedback.  This is not seem to be a big deal, but I am on the computer all day long and need to REDUCE the amount of mouse work that I do, not increase it with unnecessary clicking to read things:


BEFORE the update, the actual feedback review was readable in the reading area WITHOUT scrolling: saved as an attached file called V3 notifications


AFTER the update, the content is so spread-out, you have to reach for the mouse and SCROLL to see the review: saved as an attached file called Hub notifications



As you can see from the image above, the actual review cannot be seem.


If like me you are dealing with a billion emails and sales every day, you need concise, easy to access information.  This new layout surely must be in-error. It need nipping up to be more compact.

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  • Jun 29 2018
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