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Review wording of "customer has marked this discussion as resolved"

We've had several customers comment on this one...

We always try to reply to our reviews, and usually leave the "notify customer" checkbox ticked to advise the customer that we have replied to them.

However, many of our customers then click *something* (I don't know what as I have never tried it myself) which then adds the very strange sounding message to the review:

"Customer has marked this discussion as resolved"

The words "resolved" and "discussion" imply that there was some kind of problem - when there really hasn't been. This then looks very odd to anyone reading the review. It's almost as if the customer has been asked to rewrite their review.

Several of our customers have then emailed us to remove this comment - which of course we can't.

  • Damian Croft
  • Jul 17 2018
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