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Completing reviews for multiple products.

I was senta test rfeview feedback form yesterday for a trial Matt T was running and it had a service question and multiple products. It was about 7-8 products. I completed the service rating and put some comments and then I went to the product ratings. I then clicked on each product rating and completed them as 5 star. 


It would be good if their was an option for the customer to click a button which says "rate all products 5 stars". This means that I click this button and it automatically populates the 5 star ratings on the products and then submits. This would save valuable time and stop people abandoning the review halfway through when they get fed up having to rate each product individually. 


It is  quick and easy way of getting good reviews as well. 


If they want to rate individually and they want to spare the time to do so then they can.





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  • Aug 1 2018
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