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Restrict feedback requests at unsociable hours

We have had email correspondence about this ... but we received a negative review (kindly removed by Feefo) because a feedback request was sent at 00:40am due to a feefo server issue.

To me it would make sense to restrict feedback requests between say, 10pm and 7am, to avoid this happening again?

  • Guest
  • Dec 7 2018
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  • haneen Hamdan commented
    6 Feb, 2019 03:06pm

    for US customers, they can sometimes revive emails after 10pm as thats when the emails are released form Feefo servers, i had Polar Leasing and other merchants raising this issue,it also affects feedback reminders if there is o time specified in the campaign. 

  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2018 04:24pm

    Hi Tanja, It was an email review 

  • Admin
    Tanja Ehrhardt commented
    7 Dec, 2018 04:19pm

    Thank you for flagging this. May I ask, was this an email or SMS review?