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Tagging names to Feefo review requests

I just had a chat with one of your very helpful guys ih Customer Support, Sophie, who recommended popping an idea on here. We'd like to gather more feedback on individual sales guys and the only current ways to do this are by either manually adding the name into each product description; or, by creating a separate campaign for each sales guy. Neither of these are really feasible as this would interfere with the email title, or would mean having far too many campaign tags for our liking, not to mention how long this would take to set up. 

All this would need is a separate field, uploadable via the feed which I could add the name of the sales neg too. This should then be able to sync to the campaign so that within the campaign you can add "Please tell us what you thought of <sales negotiator>?" or something like that. We feel this would encourage more specific feedback on individuals and so we can see who is doing things well and who requires improvement in certain areas. Thank you. 

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  • Jan 9 2019
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