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Response saved as drafts rather than logging you out due to inactivity!!!!

I regularly respond to 3-7 customer reviews in one sitting. I find that if im pulled away from my screen for anything from between 10-15mins when I return to finish my half completed response, there is no warning that I have timed out due to inactivity. Despite this  it allows me to continue typing my response, then when I try to submit the review response it logs me out losing the whole review! I feel if Feefo auto saved responses as a draft any prior to the inactivity kicking in which deletes the whole message once logged off. Or at the very least show a warning that you have timed out so that you get the opportunity to copy the text to paste it once logged back in would help massively. I work in a busy office environment and I dont get dedicated uninterrupted time to sit and reply to reviews unfortunately I do get interruptions, emails/phones/ staff/ meetings which mean I need to break away from my screen meaning I lose the response. 

  • Lee McGreevy
  • Jan 18 2019
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