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Customise the guidance text in the feedback form

Please see the attached screenshot.

It would be helpful to be able to personalise the guidance text which initially appears before a customer clicks into the comments box.

Currently, this text says:

"You have rated Joe Browns' service x stars. Could you tell them what they did well? Would you recommend them or buy from them again?"

As it stands, the 'manage feedback form' page doesn't give an option to change this text, but it would be helpful to be able to customise it.

This also stands for the other fields where guidance text is shown prior to a customer clicking into the field.

On a slight tangent, it would be helpful to be able to customise the "Don't show my name" text as well. Failing this, would you consider making it a little clearer? E.g. Don't show my name publicly online against my review.

Thanks for listening :)

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  • Jan 29 2019
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