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Clarity in regards to Store Codes being Case Sensitive

In V1 the store codes provided were either not case sensitive, or always provided uppercase. 

Now in V2 we generate codes ourselves, which I had done successfully.

We didnt open the file to examine the format of the codes, we data merged it into our design template as usual and went to print.

We have since discovered that these codes are now case sensitive. Our design template set the codes as uppercase, it was not a problem before so assumed everything was correct. So now we have wasted time and money printing off store codes which are useless.

First of all, as we are expected to generate the codes ourselves it should be clear on the generate codes page in system admin that these codes are case sensitive.  We then need to make this clear for customers on our feedback slips and ensure they are printed precicely as they are exported.

Secondly there is not any mention of the codes being case sensitive on the frontend feedback form that customers use. Customers would find this useful to know to ensure they input correctly.



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  • Jun 27 2016
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