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Order the breakdown feedback in the 'Service Performance Report'

Can there be a way whereby the columns in the topic breakdown at the bottom of the 'Service Performance Report' can be ordered. Currently I can only one column at a time whereas it would be great to order 2 columns at a time e.g. order the 'Topics' by alphabetical order as well as the sentiment score to find the exact 'mention'.


Also, would be great to have a search box in this 'Topic Breakdown' so that I can search for a particular mention and not have to go through pages and pages to find a particular mention. I was looking for the mention 'idea' but had to order the 'Topics' column by alphabetical order and then guess what page I could find the mention 'idea' which was on page 13 but I had to keep guessing which page I could find this on which is very time consuming.

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  • Jun 18 2019
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