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Product review question to be displayed before Service question in the form


We're an international training consultancy that has been collecting feedback from our delegates with feefo since April 18 with great results. 

Due to the nature of our business and the importance for us to request clients feedback after they have attended our courses, we are requesting to rate the customer experience and the product at the same time. 

Now that google has changed their algorithm and it's focused on the product reviews to be displayed in organic and ppc rather the service reviews, I'd like to suggest the functionality of displaying the product review question before the service questions.

The current setting it's confusing for the users, especially when we are asking them to provide their name and location before asking them to review the product as there isn't a logic journey in the survey and even making the product review compulsory, it could induce the user to think that there isn't any need to complete the product section.



  • Ana Bonilla
  • Oct 31 2019
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