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Merchant able to add photos to a feedback

The customer has the ability to upload a photo with their feedback. It would be helpful if we could do that too

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  • Aug 18 2016
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    Tanja Ehrhardt commented
    3 Aug, 2018 08:24am

    Hi Emma, 

    Would you want to show the photo in the reviews section? The photo is normally shown on the review form when they lave their feedback. 

    Would be good to understand more on the use case. 

  • Emma Watson commented
    3 Jul, 2018 12:16pm

    I totally agree with this idea.   It would 100% help refresh a buyers memory of a product purchased.  For Unisan UK, we deal with Procurement teams in the made so they order a lot of things from a lot of companies, having an image of the product purchased in addition to a link and short description would, I'm sure, increase response rate.  This idea looks to have been first raised back in 2016 - please can you confirm if any movement has been made and whether this functionality will be made available?  Thanks,  Emma 

  • Kirsten Mclean commented
    11 Apr, 2017 10:19am

    Thanks for your feedback.  We will certainly look into this further.

  • Sophie Boden commented
    11 Apr, 2017 09:54am

    It would allow the merchant to show the people who read the review what the end product is - ideal for jewellers where every piece is different - i.e. different stone sizes or shapes

  • mikhail myzgin commented
    11 Apr, 2017 09:50am

    Hi Kirsten,

    Our company design and manufacture (and sell) tools and sometimes our customers use it in a wrong way and leave negative review. However, a tool could work out perfectly if it's used properly. This is where photos can help, especially for education purposes. There are literally hundreds of possible applications so we can't really create FAQ/videos for all of them.

  • Kirsten Mclean commented
    11 Apr, 2017 09:40am

    Hi Sheree,

    We are interested to know more about how this might be used.  Please can you provide some further information?

  • Kirsten Mclean commented
    18 Aug, 2016 07:44am

    Hi Sheree,

    Thank you for sharing your idea! I'm intrigued to know more about this use case. Could you please provide me an example scenario where it would be helpful to upload an image alongside your response to the customer?

    Many Thanks,


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