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Sale Upload Failed Emails

Currently, when Feefo tries to send a review request to a customer within the set minimum interval, Feefo blocks this, and it triggers a failure message/email to any users registered to the Feefo account.

Obviously, we want to know about any other failed upload issues, but if we are successfully uploading the sales orders to Feefo, we don’t need to know if Feefo isn’t sending the review to the customer. These emails are misleading as nothing has actually ‘failed’.

With a big company that services 1000+ customers a month, these emails are excessive and unnecessary and it is not feasible to be having hundreds of 'Sales Upload Failed' emails coming through each day. We have had to turn off notifications from Feefo which means everything is now off which isn't ideal

It would be great for Feefo to not email users if they are not sending a customer a review because they have also been requested to do one in the minimum interval.

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  • Dec 12 2019
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