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Text Analytics on all Feefo Feedback

It would be useful to know what topics are trending within my feefo feedback. I would like to be able to report on exactly what people are talking about within both their service and product feedback and understand how this effects customer satisfaction.

  • Kirsten Mclean
  • Aug 18 2016
  • Shipped
  • Sep 29, 2017

    Admin Response

    We are pleased to announce the release of Smart Themes and Performance Profiling.

    • Smart Themes – Feefo’s advanced AI and semantic technology, processes the thousands of customer opinions, turning them into comprehensive and valuable insight summaries.  These summaries contain most talked about topics and customer quotes, helping e-commerce shoppers make informed decisions, resulting in increased trust, increased engagement and culminating in increased conversions.
    • Performance Profiling – Two powerful new reports powered by the advanced AI and semantic technology.  These reports allow the business to unlock hidden insights within text feedback and use them to drive action and improvement within the business. 
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