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See Review Author's Name When Responding to Feedback

We like to respond personally to our reviews. We are currently seeing the name pulled from our billing information and not the name that the author is entering. We would prefer to see the author's chosen name, so we can be sure to respond appropriately!

Additionally, the name the author is leaving is the one customers see. In the instance that this name does not match the one that we see when responding, it looks like we are not responding correctly! We hope you can add the ability to see the name chosen by the author! Thank you!

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  • Feb 25 2020
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  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    27 Feb 10:35am

    Hi Alexis,

    Thanks for the idea and context. It certainly makes sense for the person responding to have all the available information at their fingertips to help replies.

    We will review this inline with other changes in this area. Thanks, Neil