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Email Campaigns using Feefo Sales Database

We would like to use the Feefo system to email our customers, by product etc.

  • Lee Thorne
  • Mar 28 2020
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  • Lee Thorne commented
    9 Apr 08:54am

    Yes, that would be really useful.

  • Admin
    Tanja Ehrhardt commented
    9 Apr 08:43am

    Hi Lee

    Just to check I understand the requirement, do you want to compose the email in the Feefo system, so essentially use the Feefo Hub for marketing as you would use Mailchimp?

    Thanks, Tanja

  • Lee Thorne commented
    2 Apr 08:24am

    Thanks for coming back to me.... there is already a resend for feedback which works fine.

    At the moment we use raw email addresses or mail chimp for marketing when we get time.

    What would be really useful is to be able to:-

    (1.1) list all the recipients who've bought a product and

    (1.2) do a email campaign for them

    e.g. Send an email about our new Prosecco offer to customers who've previously bought Prosecco.

    (2.1) The important thing is not to spam so this is really specifically targeted, and

    (2.2) the sending email address is the customers domain (not Feefo.co.uk as feedback is separate and we would not want it associated with general emails) E.g. offers@redbankcider.co.uk

  • Admin
    Neil Terry commented
    2 Apr 08:04am

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for posting the idea.
    Please can you elaborate more surrounding the use case? Are you looking to re-ask for feedback for people who didn't leave you any for those products?

    Thanks, Neil