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Optimise the CTA to "like" reviews

The Feefo Reviews Integration displays reviews with the ability to toggle between "Newest" and "Popular". However, when you select "Popular" you are shown reviews based on the volume of "likes" the review has had. These usually only amount to 1-2 likes.

The ultimate experience we are trying to get consumers to have is to be able to easily filter and see the reviews that have helped other customers make a decision to purchase or not.

With the "like" button being grey and small and with no CTA next to it, it is no surprise that hardly anyone engages with it, making the "Popular" filter pointless.

It would be a much better experience if we were able to add some "customisation" to these elements of the integration, to allow brands to make minor copy tweaks to these CTAs and toggles.

Another improvement, if we didn't want to give brands access to making those changes, would simply be to amend the current "thumbs up" icon and add a CTA next to it.

A good example would be to look at Amazon who have a "Helpful" button. Feefo could keep the "thumbs up" icon but add the wording "Like if this review was useful". (Next to that we would have the "share" CTA also. We could then display a different colour for the "thumbs up" to highlight engagement and we would also display the volume of likes as we do now.

This then hopefully will help increase the relevancy and usefulness of the "Popular" tab.

In addition to this, we have been asked if there is a report to showcase the number of reviews that have received a like. Marketing teams can then use that data to infer other marketing activities or identify VIP reviewers!

(I've attached an image of the current Feefo "thumbs up" and the Amazon example by comparison.

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  • May 22 2020
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