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Prevent folks reviewing PRODUCTS in the SERVICE section

I imagine everyone witnesses this problem... If you do then please support this idea.


Customers hastily write product reviews in the service section. Then when they realise their mistake they either express their annoyance in the product section or they just write the same thing.

Here are some suggested solutions - all would help.

1) Allow the merchant to choose which of these the customers is asked first: products or service

2) Allow the merchant to edit every review that comes in on an individual basis: OPTION: Publish my customer's Product review first

3) The customer will arrive at the first form all set and primed to type in their best words. If their head is full of words about the Product then forcing them to write about the Service stands to unhinge that train of thought. Therefore I strongly recommend the headline field should be positioned at the very beginning of the form. Being generic they can write a headline about the product or the service, or a mix. Currently the headline is a sub section of the Service section. That is wrong.

4) Use cleverer wording so the customer gets the message better. At the moment it might seem good, but it does not work. I've got simplified suggestions for this as a starting point, which I would class mobile friendly, using even fewer words than now.

  • Guest
  • May 30 2020
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  • Stuart Isbister commented
    20 Sep, 2020 08:09am

    Maybe pictures might asist - people dont read. So perhaps a picture of a person next to service and a picture of a cardboard box next to product?

  • Guest commented
    13 Jul, 2020 11:38am

    Excerpt: ... [It] is the responsibility of the brand to ensure that what we are asking from the customer is clear. This avoids this from happening.

    I believe, after some iterations and now too much evidence, that good wording alone is not sufficient. I went along with that argument too long, changing the wording in my feedback forms, even to the extent of overkill. Consequently my current Feedback Form wording has ended up with a sniff of:

    "Please note in case you didn't notice, doh! Because some folks are not very clever: please write about the SERVICE in this section, not about the PRODUCT!"

  • Guest commented
    8 Jun, 2020 10:59am

    These are great ideas and worth looking into. I would also add, however, that if a brand has to keep to the current set up of sending service and product in the same form, the wording of the feedback form is the responsibility of the brand to ensure that what we are asking from the customer is clear. This avoids this from happening. Also, it is best practice to recommend that they use our campaign manager tool to enable service and product to be split, which is actually better strategically and for the customer journey and experience. A lot of this feels like it could be managed strategically rather than a fault of the tool itself, although enhancing our capabilities is also good to consider. I especially think we should be more flexible in being able to re-order the product and service question in the form.