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Why don't we remove the minimum character limit for customers replying to feedback?

Currently there's a minimum number of characters that a customer has to type into the service field to be able to send their feedback through. Some customers find this frustrating and this can eventually lead to a negative rating. If there is no minimum character limit set for the product comment, why should there be one for the service field? And if there is, why should it be 2 characters? We all understand that we're looking for qualitative data and reasoning behind people's comments here, but why not give our customers an equal opportunity when replying to a feedback request? Just an idea...

  • Nick Kanonis
  • Aug 19 2016
  • Will not implement
  • Jan 10, 2019

    Admin Response

    We are keen on quality reviews and want to ensure that our clients get the most benefits from the reviews. We will be improving the design and usability around minimum character limits, to take the frustration away and improve the user experience on the form.

    Our data also suggests that the number of reviews with a length of under 10 characters is extremely low, therefore we are confident that enforcing a small character limit would not negatively impact response rates.

    We are introducing another suite of updates such as A/B testing in 2019 in the hope to provide more tools to boost response rates.

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  • Jane Clark commented
    1 May, 2019 07:03am

    I believe that having a minimum character review can also have a negative effect. As customers leave comments about the character amounts, not the actual products.

    I would prefer just a "good" or "fine" etc..than..."why do I need to write so many words" etc.

  • Khalid Elaghil commented
    11 Apr, 2019 09:29am

    I don't agree with the idea of removing the minimum characters requirement for the review content. Because if we did we will end up having reviews like "Good" "OK" "Bad" "Nice" etc, which will be damaging the business more than benefiting it. There should be at least a 100 minimum characters requirement. As you know, TripAdvisor has a 100 characters limit.